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Soil management software for the modern construction team

Simple, powerful, enterprise software that GCs, subs, and project owners love to use.

Improve jobsite coordination

Boost individual productivity

With SoilFLO, subcontractors don’t waste valuable time filling out paper ticket stubs and reconciling them. Our software simplifies the Foreman’s role so that they can spend more time on critical activities.

Communicate and address issues in real-time

When a truck is rejected, the source site foreman is instantly notified so that they can resolve the issue immediately.

Go paperless

Automate your accounting

SoilFLO can integrate into virtually any CRM. You can save up to 120 hours a month, otherwise spent organizing and recording individual loads.

Never lose another ticket

Once you run a project with digital tickets, you’ll never go back to the old days of storing tens of thousands of dollars of paper tickets in your glove compartment.

Reduce exposure to liability

Know where your trucks are at all times

SoilFLO uses your device’s GPS coordinates to ensure that the right type of soil is being hauled to the proper destination.

Document exactly what was hauled

SoilFLO has safeguards in place to prevent changes made to critical information.

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