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Hi there. We're dirt people.

Our Story

At SoilFLO we are passionate about soil – where it comes from, what it’s made of and where it’s going. As urban centres continue to intensify and infrastructure projects multiply, the amount of excess soil excavated to accommodate this development has increased significantly. The regulatory requirements around excess soil management can be complicated and it is imperative that both construction managers and soil receiving sites operate within those requirements. SoilFLO’s real time tracking technology ensures that stakeholders have full transparency of soil extraction, transportation and disposal and the data to prove it.

This important resource deserves our attention.

About SoilFLO

Working from our SaaS platform, SoilFLO provides an automated ticketing process, validates soil characteristics, tracks soil movement (chain-of-custody) and provides complete transparency reducing risk for developers and receiving sites. Real time data and reports allow project owners to validate that they are in compliance with best practices.

SoilFLO replaces the traditional paper based methods of tracking, hauling and disposal of soil that create significant administrative challenges, increased cost, risk and litigation, not to mention inefficient and ineffective reporting. These costs often represent 14% of total construction costs – significantly reduced using SoilFLO. Often, the largest expenses are incurred when something goes wrong in the communication chain. This automated tool will proactively get in front of those issues before they require excessive time and resources to uncover the root cause and mitigate risk.

SoilFLO’s biggest supporters are the engineering and environmental professional leaders responsible for the management of excess soils.

Easily accessible, real time information with daily reconciliation make actionable data collection simple and efficient. SoilFLO is currently being used on a number of large development projects in Canada and work is underway to expand our soil management technology across international markets.

SoilFLO is poised to be the leading technology for excess soil management world wide.

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